About Electrolysis


  • Electrolysis is Permanent Hair Removal and is the most effective and reliable method of hair removal in the world. Electrolysis is the Only Hair Removal Method Approved as “Permanent” by the FDA.

  • Electrolysis works perfect on all skin tones, hair colors and types. Hair in any location can be permanently removed. Say Goodbye to your unwanted hair Forever!

  • I use the most modern and advanced epilation technology by the worlds leading hair removal machine, the Apilus Senior 3G by Dectro International company, which provides maximum comfort and epilation speed and effectiveness.

  • HOW ELECTROLYSIS WORKS: I  place a very thin tiny sterilized metal probe inside each hair follice and apply a mild electric current which heats in a milisecond and destroys the hair and the regrowth cells. Its fast and simple.

  • Electrolysis is a time tested technique used since the 1800’s with safe, effective and permanent results. I provide the three types of Electrolysis treatment modalities: Thermolysis, Blend and Galvanic.

  • I choose the mode that is most comfortable and effective for each client’s hair type. Electrolysis can feel like a warming sensation or a rubber band snap or nothing at all. Each hair is treated one at a time and it takes a series of treatments to complete.