After Care Electrolysis By Joanne



  • After electrolysis treatment do not touch your treated skin area and keep the area clean.
  • Do not wash the treated area for 24-hours to reduce irritation and bacteria.
  • No make-up on treated area for 24 hours. Avoid purfume and alcohol based products which can dry out skin excessively.
  • Avoid sunlight for 72 hours to prevent the possible formation of brown spots. After 24 hours wear a high SPF sunscreen.
  • You may apply witch hazel and gently wipe  area.and
  • You may use aloe vera gel 99% to help heal and sooth treated skin after treatment.
  • If small scabs appear, don’t scratch them off, because doing so could cause scaring. Scabs are natures way of protecting and healing your follicle. Be patient and let it heal.
  • Try not to tweeze between treatments as it will slow your progress and even may backfire by stimulating stronger regrowth.
  • Remember hair grow in a cycle and that approximately half of your hairs are naturally not showing at the time of treatment, so new growth is normal. It takes a series of regularly scheduled treatments to be permanently hair free.