Frequently Asked Questions

How long does electrolysis take?

The number of treatments required varies with each person according to many factors such as the amount of hair, sensitivity, medication, hormone balance and previous methods of hair removal.

Is electrolysis permanent hair removal?

Yes! Electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal recognized and approved by the Federal Foood and Drug Administration (FDA).

Is Electrolysis painful?

Some clients fall asleep! Some say it feels like a rubber band snap or tiny pin pricks.  Under the nose is often the most painful area. The sensation may be felt as a flash of heat.  Some areas are more sensitve than others. I can suggest products that may help you feel more comfortable during your electrolysis treatments. See my before care page for more information.

What is the cost of electrolysis?

Please see my Appointment page for the prices. 

Is electrolysis safe?

Electrolysis is recognized and approved by the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Federal Drug Admisistration (FDA).  Electrolysis is the ONLY form of permanent hair removal recognized by the goverment agencies.  Electrolysis proceedure conforms to the Center For Disease Control (CDC) and Occupational Saefty and Health Administration(OSHA) standards, including sterilization of all equipment and one-time use of insertion probes. The risk of any complication is extreemly low.

Electrolysis compared to Waxing and Tweezing?

Waxing and Tweezing causes the hair to grow back in stronger and thicker, they are not a permanent solution to unwanted hair. Electrolysis is the only method that removes hair permanently. it takes longer but it is truly permanent hair removal. 

What causes excessive hair growth?

Many factors may contribute to the growth of excessive hair including heredity, body changes such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Also our hormones, medication,  and stress plasy a role.  Previously used hair removal methods such as plucking, waxing and laser may stimulate excess growth.

Does electrolysis have any side effects?

You may see a slight redness or swelling but this is normal and these mild symptoms typically lessen from 30 minutes to  few hours after treatment. After your hair is treated, it leaves an open follice that is prone to bacteria. The best thing you can do is keep the area clean and avoid putting makeup or harsh products on the area for 24 hours. Most of all, try not to touch or disturb the treated area. A slight crust may appear over the follicle.  Remember crusts are nature’s band-aid covering and protecting your follicle while it heals.  Picking at your skin while it is healing may cause a pit or scar, so please don’t.

How does Electrolysis compare to laser?

Laser is not permanent hair removal and is classified by the FDA as permanent hair reduction. Laser may cause pigmentation and lighten or darken the skin with discoloration.  Laser is less effective on dark skin and on hairs that don’t absorb light well such as grey, red, white and blond.  Laser does not completely destroy the follicle and its results are not predictable.  Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal, as certified by the FDA.

Are there different kinds of electrolysis?

Yes, there are three different methods of Electrolysis: Galvanic, Thermolysis, and Blend. All three modalities are safe and effectively destroy hair germs cells that cause hair re-growth. I am trained and skilled in each of the three modalities, and I choose the modality that proves to be best for each client.

Galvanic– (direct current) This modality creates a chemical reaction inside the follicle. It converts normal body salt and water inside the follicle into a compound that destroys the regrowth cells in the follicle. The chemical is produced only in the follicle and does not affect any other areas.

Thermolysis– This is an alternating current (AC), is also known-as high frequency or short-wave: This is a method that uses a high radio frequency current to produce a tiny heat inside the hair follicle. This heat cauterizes and destroys the dermal regrowth cells and papilla.

Blend– The blend method combines both galvanic (DC) and high frequency (AC) currents together in the probe inside the follicle. The two currents work together synergistically. The thermolysis current enhances the action of the galvanic current and together they produce a faster and very reliable result.


Can electrolysis remove hair from anywhere?

Yes, electrolysis can remove any hair anywhere. Electrolysis can remove all hair types successfully, regardless of the skin color, pigment, or hair type or hair color.

Why Electrolysis is the best hair removal method?

Because Electrolysis eliminates unwanted hair permanently, removing the need for time-consuming temporary hair removal methods. Electrolysis is successful an all skin and hair types, and on all parts of the body including  face, neck, abdomen, nipples, bikini line, armpits, anywhere!

The treatments are effective and comfortable – no other hair removal method can claim such universal acceptability with permanent results. You will love the look and feel of your smmoth hair-free skin.

What is the history of Electrolysis?

Electrolysis was discovered over 130 years ago and has been used in the medical and beauty fields ever since then.  It has been proven safe and effective on all hair and skin types, colors and body locations. Once the hair follicle re-growth cells are destroyed, the hair does not regrow.  Originally the doctor who pioneered electrolysis used it to remove ingrowing eyelid hairs. The technology has had many advances in effective and comfortable treatment options that work faster and better than ever! 

Is Electrolysis licensed in Oregon?

Yes, in Oregon Electrolysis is a profession that requires an active license.  An electrolysis  license includes over 600 hours of professional Electrolysis school training.  Yearly continuing education in Electrolysis is required to maintain my active license.  The profession is regulated by an Oregon State Health Board. High standards of education, testing and experience are required to practice electrolysis in Oregon.

I have an active Electrologist license in Oregon and in California and I take yearly continuing education classes to further my experience and keep my license active.